My gift to you, this guide will help you to truly and deeply heal from abortion, even if you've always believed that to be impossible.

Esther Sanders

Hi! I'm Esther Sanders...

Women who have had an abortion hire me to find peace with their loss and be truly happy again.

I dealt with one of the most heart wrenching experiences a young woman could go through, consciously choosing to have an abortion when I was a student.

Finding my path to be able to heal from that moment has allowed me to help others to truly and deeply heal from their loss and be truly happy again.

This Twelve Step Journey To Heal From Abortion has been used by me, my partners and Clients to help women and their families find peace and live joyfully without any guilt or regret.

Without it, you’ll continue to struggle with your loss and all the painful emotions that go with it. It will be a constant shadow in your daily life.

With it, you’ll have a proven process that helps you feel connected and whole again, having all the energy to enjoy your family and make your dreams come true.