Have you ever suffered a miscarriage or decided to terminate your pregnancy, for whatever reason? Do you sometimes, or often maybe, still struggle with the pain of your loss?

In our society there often is little to no room or understanding to share this kind of experience and to truly deal with and heal from your loss. And exactly this healing is so vitally important. Not only because it brings you peace, but because it also brings peace to the soul of your unborn child and to your other children.

How to heal from a loss like this?

How do you heal from the loss of an unborn child. How can you give that a place in your life? Where to start, which steps to take? To make life light again, for you and for your family if you have one.

Let me help you. I have taken the steps before you and I'd b more than happy to guide you through them. In a way that meets your needs and where you are at in your journey I'll guide you step by step in your process of acknowledgement, connecting en saying farewell. So your baby too will find the peace it needs so badly.

Am I the right person to help you?

You may feel apprehensive towards taking that first step, I get that. Sharing your story with a stranger, just like that. You may wonder whether I can really help you, whether we will match, whether I'm the right stranger for you.

To alleviate your doubts and questions, I warmly invite you to an online chat to meet and get to know me a bit. Free of charge. What if you don't feel a match? No hard feelings, we'll both continue on our merry ways. And if there is a match and you want to continue with me? I'll make you an offer. Matching your unique situation.

Esther Sanders

Then who am I? I'm Esther Sanders. With my Peace And Passion Program I help women with young children to heal from their loss after an abortion or miscarriage. So they can be truly happy again, with themselves and with their family, and so they feel full of energy and creativity again to follow their passions and make their dreams come true.

With my Trauma To Triumph Program I take this a big step further. This is a program for Mompreneurs that not only want to heal but also grow their business big time, because their dream is to have a massive impact on the world.